About Us

The County Governments segment of Bajeti Yetu Portal provides user friendly features to enable review of each of the forty seven (47) Counties' Budget and Policy Documents. The platform provides users with interactive graphics to illustrate budget figures and data downloads for more in depth analysis.

The National Treasury, through this portal intends to deepen grassroots involvement in public financial management matters through provision of access to information as a primary step and tool to promote public audit together with informed social activism around socio-economic development aspirations of Government starting from the lowest levels of Government where public resources are deployed.

The segment is designed to allow respective County Governments to upload their official Public Financial Policy and other relevant County Development Strategies that guide utilization of County approved Budgets. All Counties are expected to ensure the information available on this platform is up to date and reliable for public interest matters including open, transparent, accountable, more effective and efficient public finance management.