Frequently Asked Questions

  1. The formulation and preparation of the Budget involves development and submission of key documents for approval by Cabinet and Parliament. The process is guided by the budget calendar which stipulates timelines for a number of key activities to be undertaken in order to finalize the Budget and submit it for approval by 30th April of each financial Year. The budget calendar is usually contained in the Treasury circular issued in accordance to Section 36 of the Public Finance Management Act, 2012, providing guidelines on the processes and procedures for preparing the subsequent Financial year and the Medium-Term Budget …
  1. Document Library to access historic and current budget documents and guidance such as plans and budget strategy, programme based budgets (PBBs) and detailed budgets, annual budget laws and periodic budget reports, PFM laws and regulations, annual circulars and calendars, parliamentary budget certificates and other guidelines, manuals and templates.
  2. Interactive Data to analyze budget data to view and interact with graphic or tabular presentations of budget data and a collection of searchable, downloadable data tables in spreadsheet (e.g., Excel) format for
    • Breakdowns of revenue, budget and expenditure figures at appropriate administrative and programme levels of National and County Governments;
    • Facilities interface with map, lists of facilities with allocations and quarterly transfer data searchable by year, location and sector.
    • Projects application which allows searchable access to the Annex 7 and project concept notes and links to public PIMIS data.
  3. An Online PBB to allow users to access and search performance or context information in the current budget and reporting documents.
  • Educational Materials
  • Webinars
There are links on the portal that will be for downloadable data.

Data from the Document Library is downloadable in PDF format while for Interactive Data it is downloadable in spreadsheets (e.g., Excel/CSV).
By use of search and filter options provided in the interactive data.
Go to the financial year drop down and select the financial year you want to query.
  • Go to public participation on the top menu
  • Fill in your details
  • Go to public participation on the top menu
  • Provide comments on the specific area and submit