National Govt. PBB's

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#VoteFinancial YearDocument TypeUploaded DocumentUpload Date
1211173 -State Department for Cooperatives2022/23PBBView Document2022-12-22
1221169 -State Department for Crop Development and Agricultural Research2022/23PBBView Document2022-12-22
1232071 -Public Service Commission2019/20PBBView Document2022-12-22
1241166 -State Department for Fisheries, Aquaculture & the Blue Economy2022/23PBBView Document2022-12-22
1251162 -State Department for Livestock.2022/23PBBView Document2022-12-22
1262061 -The Commission on Revenue Allocation2019/20PBBView Document2022-12-22
1271152 -State Department for Energy2022/23PBBView Document2022-12-22
1281134 - State Department for Heritage2022/23PBBView Document2022-12-22
1292061 -The Commission on Revenue Allocation2019/20PBBView Document2022-12-22
1301132 -State Department for Sports2022/23PBBView Document2022-12-22
1311123 -State Department for Broadcasting & Telecommunications2022/23PBBView Document2022-12-22
1321122 -State Department for Information Communications and Technology & Innovation2022/23PBBView Document2022-12-22
1332051 -Judicial Service Commission2019/20PBBView Document2022-12-22
1341112 -Ministry of Lands and Physical Planning2022/23PBBView Document2022-12-22
1351109 -State Department For Water, Sanitation and Irrigation2022/23PBBView Document2022-12-22