National Govt. PBB's

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#VoteFinancial YearDocument TypeUploaded DocumentUpload Date
311161 -State Department for Agriculture.2015/16PBBView Document2023-01-18
321151 -Ministry of Energy and Petroleum2015/16PBBView Document2023-01-18
331141 -Ministry of Labour Social Security and Services2015/16PBBView Document2023-01-18
341131 -Ministry of Sports Culture and Arts2015/16PBBView Document2023-01-18
351121 -Ministry of Information Communications and Technology2015/16PBBView Document2023-01-18
361111 -Ministry of Land Housing and Urban Development2015/16PBBView Document2023-01-18
371102 -Ministry of Water and Irrigation2015/16PBBView Document2023-01-18
381101 -Ministry of Environment, Natural Resources and Regional Dev't Authorities2015/16PBBView Document2023-01-18
391092 -State Department for Transport2015/16PBBView Document2023-01-18
401092 -State Department for Transport2015/16PBBView Document2023-01-18
411091 -State Department for Infrastructure2015/16PBBView Document2023-01-18
421081 -Ministry of Health2015/16PBBView Document2023-01-18
431071 -The National Treasury2015/16PBBView Document2023-01-18
441062 -State Department for Science and Technology2015/16PBBView Document2023-01-18
451061 -State Department for Education2015/16PBBView Document2023-01-18