National Govt. PBB's

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#VoteFinancial YearDocument TypeUploaded DocumentUpload Date
162021 -National Land Commission2015/16PBBView Document2023-01-18
172011 -Kenya National Commission on Human Rights2015/16PBBView Document2023-01-18
181321 -Witness Protection Agency2015/16PBBView Document2023-01-18
191311 -Office of the Registrar of Political Parties2015/16PBBView Document2023-01-18
201301 -Commission for the Implementation of the Constitution2015/16PBBView Document2023-01-18
211291 -Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions2015/16PBBView Document2023-01-18
221281 -National Intelligence Service2015/16PBBView Document2023-01-18
231271 -Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission2015/16PBBView Document2023-01-18
241261 -The Judiciary2015/16PBBView Document2023-01-18
251251 -Office of The Attorney General and Department of Justice2015/16PBBView Document2023-01-18
261191 -Ministry of Mining2015/16PBBView Document2023-01-18
271181 -State Department for Commerce and Tourism2015/16PBBView Document2023-01-18
281171 -Ministry of Industrialization and Enterprise Development2015/16PBBView Document2023-01-18
291163 -State Department for Fisheries.2015/16PBBView Document2023-01-18
301162 -State Department for Livestock.2015/16PBBView Document2023-01-18